Millions of devices across the world connect to the internet daily and each of them is a potential target of cybercriminals. Unless these devices are protected against malware and virus, data on these devices can either be breached or destroyed.

To avoid such a situation, antivirus software like Norton should be installed on them. This is because Norton is known for the high-security infrastructure that it offers to its users globally from individuals to enterprises alike.

And even before you buy Norton subscription, you can experience the robust security that it provides for yourself by using its trial version. To learn more about its features in details and use its trial version, visit

With Norton Setup, you can get a list of all the security products offered by Norton. The security features for every product is different. Therefore, before you buy any product go through the product services present on the official website The details of the product description are given just below each product go through it before you make a purchase.

How you can purchase the Norton setup?

You can purchase the Norton setup via offline as well as online method. While purchasing it online you have to visit the official website In case you wish to purchase the Norton Product offline, you can purchase the same from the nearby retail shop.

How you can download and install Norton setup via


  1. Visit the website, click Sign in if you are an existing user else Sign up.
  2. Click the option “Product & Services”.
  3. Select the service you want from the options visible.
  4. Scroll down to offers and package.
  5. Select the desired package and click on the “subscribe now” option.
  6. Then, Select ‘Proceed to secure checkout’ option
  7. Select the payment mode you wish to purchase and complete the payment step.
  8. When you receive a confirmation mail along with Norton product key, click install Norton.
  9. Open the downloaded Norton setup folder on your computer
  10. Now run Install Norton setup.

You can also download a trial or free version of Norton setup :-


  1. Visit
  2. Click the ‘Product & Service’ option
  3. Select ‘Free trial’.
  4. Scroll down and click “About Norton”, then “Free trial” option.
  5. From Norton Security Deluxe or premium, select the one.
  6. Click on the ‘Free trial’ option and in case you want to check on the details for the services, click on the “Show benefits” option.
  7. In the dialog box provide your registered email and click on “Confirm”.
  8. Now save the downloaded file
  9. You have to follow the online instructions in Norton Download Manager.

You have installed your free Norton setup on your PC. You can access to the free or trial version till 30 days, which is the subscription period. Once the expiry date ends, your subscription will end automatically. You can access the paid products on

How you can activate your Norton setup?

  1. Start your installed Norton product
  2. Open the “My Norton” window

(You will find it next to “Device Security”)

  1. When the new window opens, tap on “Activate Now”
  2. Type the 25-digit Norton product key when prompted
  3. After this, click on the “Next” option to complete the activation
  4. Now, your Norton subscription is ready to use

While downloading and installing Norton setup via, you might face some errors. Mostly the cause behind the error is the “expired subscription”. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the software active to avoid errors. Some of the possible Norton error messages you may notice are listed below:-

  • Your Device is not compatible
  • Norton install failure
  • Cannot recover Norton account
  • Norton install unable to continue
  • Unable to find the product key
  • Norton setup won’t install on Windows 10
  • Norton error 8504, 102
  • Error code 8504 and 101
  • Unlicensed product
  • doesn’t redirect
  • Invalid Norton setup product key
  • Norton smart firewall is blocking the network
  • Windows errors message: Norton firewall is off
  • Password manages is not authenticating the password

Do you need help to install Norton on your device?

Depending on your device there can be much more errors that can take place. If you want an early escape from the virus, always try to keep your device updated. Please keep in mind, before you install Norton, search for the latest version of the antivirus for the better experience.

The latest version of the antivirus software ensures that you and your device are embedded with the latest technology to fight back against the emerging threats.

Having an updated version is necessary because it is created in such a manner so that no virus is left untreated. For having the updated version of Norton on your device, you can visit and do the needful.

If you are having trouble while installing the latest version of Norton on your device, then you may seek assistance from the reliable experts of Norton Antivirus.