How to create, configure or cancel Firewall Rules for apps on Mac?

For Mac users, internet connection is the lifeline of their work as the latest updates are only accessible through an uninterrupted network for applications running on Mac.

They need to download the latest updates for applications stored in Mac, or send a description of issues related to the application through internet connection. For instance, when your Apple iPhone connects to the internet, it gets the latest Store Information of iTune. Having faith in your application is necessary to keep it connected to the internet all the time.

However, you may deny access to the Internet for some reasons or suspicions over some applications. For instance, when Norton alerts you of an application that tries to get online, you can choose to deny this request in order to prevent infected files or malicious content gain access into your system through the application.

You can choose to block any application to have Internet connectivity by going through Application Blocking window. The application you choose to deny connectivity is available in the drop-down list of Application blocking windows. You can configure settings for the application as per your wishes and commands through “Settings” option in the Application Blocking windows.

Configuring Firewall Rules for application on Mac

As we know that Firewall security system runs on rules and instructions to block and allow connections and data transmission between your Mac and the Internet, it becomes necessary to activate Firewall protection against malicious websites and unauthorized access.

In the Application Blocking window, you can use the up arrow and down arrow located next to the name of the application to block and allow internet access for the application.

1. Go to the “Application Name” option in the Application Blocking window

  • To enable Internet connectivity for the selected application, scroll to ‘Allow’
  • To disable Internet connectivity for the selected application, scroll to ‘Block’

2. Click ‘Done’

Setup firewall rules for application on Mac

  1. Click on “Norton” Icon on the desktop to get started
  2. Go to ‘Advanced’ or ‘Settings’
  3. Tap on ‘Firewall’ option on the left side of the window
  4. Click the ‘settings’ icon in the Application Blocking window
  5. Click “Add Application” in the Application Blocking windows
  6. Select the application you want to add from the drop-down list of ‘Choose Application’ dialog box
  7. Click ‘Choose’
  8. Click ‘Done’

Abolishing the Firewall rules from Application Blocking Window

By going through the Application Blocking window, you can uncheck some of the unwanted firewall rules for application on Mac.

Please note that you’re recommended to not remove any firewall rule unless you are an advanced user. It might considerably compromise the firewall security of your Mac, thus, affecting the overall functionality and performance of the Norton Firewall Protection.

  1. Go to the application name row in the ‘Application Blocking window’
  2. Click ‘Remove’
  3. Re-click ‘Remove’ in the confirmation box
  4. Click ‘Done’


It might not be a wise decision to dilute your Firewall security by enabling applications to bypass Firewall security, as it might include unforeseen consequences. However, if you still feel right about it, then follow the above steps to make whatever changes you like. If you find difficulty while following any of the steps, you may contact Norton Customer Support for technical assistance.

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