How to configure performance alerts in Norton?

It is very important to customize the performance alert settings in Norton so that you can make your PC run at a high pace. Sometimes, your PC has programs that require more than usual disk storage space to run.

These programs could be in the form of movie-editing programs, apps, or the movies itself. Hence, Norton has provided its users an option through which they can manage such programs.

When you make certain changes in the settings of your Norton product, it gives you warning signs about a program that is using more system resources.

In this article, you will find some easy steps and guidelines, through which you can adjust the settings for performance alerts in Norton.

Steps to configure performance alerts

  1. Open the device on which you have installed Norton Security.
  2. Tap on the “Open” option when you see the “My Norton” window.
  3. This window is usually present next to “Device Security”.
  4. Now, form the main window of your product, go to the “Settings” tab and click on it.
  5. When the said window opens, tap on “Administrative Settings”.
  6. After this, go to the “Performance Monitoring” tab of your Norton product. Here you have to move the switches according to your wish as described below:
  • Move the switch towards the “Off” position- doing this will make your Norton product to not to warn you about the performance alerts.

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  • Move the switch towards the “On” position- when you do this, you are allowing Norton to notify you about the performance alerts. In this case, you will get alerts when a program goes beyond the pre-set system resource usage limits.
  • Select the option that reads as “Log only”- you can go for this option when you only wish to monitor the system resource usage of every program available on your device. This option is set by default in your Norton product. Hence, it keeps a record of the programs and their resource usage limit. These details are stored in a window named “Security History”. To check the performance details, go to the “Performance Alerts” option. You may look for this option in the Security History window.

What to do when there is a High-Usage alert?

When you go through the details of resource usage and find out that there is a high-usage alert, you can configure certain settings to manage usage.

If you wish Norton;

  • To monitor CPU usage- then you can move the “CPU” switch from “Off” to “On” position.
  • To monitor the memory usage of your device- in this situation, move the switch available next to “Memory” towards “On”.
  • To monitor the disk usage- you can move the switch of the “Disk” option towards the “On” position.
  • To monitor the handle count- you have to drag the switch available next to “Handles” towards the “On” position.

After configuring all the settings for performance alerts, tap on the “Apply” option to save the changes that you have made and then tap on the “Close” option.

End note-

Performance alerts play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your PC. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the settings of your installed software updated. You can also use Norton utilities, which will boost up the performance of your device, giving you better results.