– Setup Norton Account

Norton account is a pathway, through which you get to access various services such as subscription info, the latest update, and more. Whether you are a new user or old, having an active account on is mandatory if you want the licensed product. In contrary, free Norton antivirus does not demand an account.

Just as you create an account on Gmail or Yahoo mail, setting up for a Norton my account page is equally easy. You only require details like an existing email address with correct login credentials and a registered phone number. Now, the only thing that separates the sign up process is verification. Want to know how by getting along with the instructions below.

How do I create a Norton account?

  • Go to the official Norton page i.e.
  • Hover over the sign in button> Sign in
  • Select ‘Create an account’
  • Enter all the required information and fill the form
  • Mark check on the box for license agreement
  • Click ‘Create Account’
  • An email verification link will be sent to your email address
  • On a new tab, login to your email account and complete the account verification

Now your account has been created successfully. You can use the same account credentials to access it on your mobile phones. This will give you constant updates about the new security checks in a single subscription.

How do I synchronize Norton account on a mobile phone?

  • Install Norton mobile security app on your phone
  • Launch the app’s UI on the screen and allow permissions it asks for
  • Now, tap on the more options icon and as it expands, choose to log in to your Norton account
  • Enter the details associated with
  • Enter Norton product key if you have a subscription

Your account is now synced with your phone. However, remember that if you are using a free trial and have Norton without product key then it will stop protecting your device soon. Set a reminder to subscribe to a package so, you can constant security by the antivirus.

Now for the users who have an existing Norton my account profile, you may encounter errors while signing in or accessing your profile. This is caused by various components. Sometimes, you enter incorrect login details, the server can also be a cause at times and other factors. Here, you will find solutions for some of the Norton login errors.

How to fix Norton account login error?

Method 1: Check for internet connection

  • A weak or unstable intent connection could be the major reason for not directing you to Norton server. This can display an error message – “A network error is preventing access to your Norton account..”

Method 2: Determine Norton account access

  • Possibly, a wrong login detail is causing this error. In another case, your account can be locked.
  • Try resetting your password as per the instruction when you click the ’Forgot password’ link

Method 3: Disable web browser extensions

  • In some cases, web browser extensions also block access to certain websites and pages. Make sure you check if this is the reason for you to encounter this problem
  • Either permanently remover all the extensions or disable them for some time to check if you can log in.

Method 4: Clear browser’s cache memory

  • Having overfilled cache memory stops you to run tasks on the browser. Thus, try clearing the cache memory of the web browser on while you want to login to your Norton account.

With these methods, you will surely fix the sign in problem. Yet the problem exists, it is advisable to connect with the official support provider. Do not share your credentials with anyone; this may cause you to lose all your data stored on Norton’s cloud space.

Also, keep changing the password in an interval of 3 months. This will help you in remembering the password more often protect your account from losing the access. Nevertheless, the support teams stay available, and you can reach them at the time of need. You only need to specify your product’s info and subscription details so the expert can analyze the problem and come up with the most accurate solutions.