Setting up Norton Firewall configurations for enhanced network security

A firewall is multi-layered protection that monitors and analyses end-to-end user communication networks. It keeps an eye on every activity you perform online whether you surf, chat, socialize, browse, or shop. The primary objective of a firewall is to work as an online warning siren that alerts you of any potential network threats including malicious websites and infected files before you accidentally click on them.

It also offers multiple users a safe and smart route to connect and share data with each other through various networks without having any fear of anyone watching from outside.

Why should you deploy Firewall Protection in your device?

The consequences of letting a website loaded with small packets of infected files programmed to breach your device’s security are severe to an extent of malfunction and data theft. Basically, cybercriminals who rely upon such methods of cyber infiltration have limited resources to carry out such attacks without involving the user. Malicious websites comprise a huge network of hackers in the background that is not visible on the screen, but all these links are wired to alluring offers that are nothing but an illusion to lure their victims into clicking the link.

Once you click it, the infection finds its way into your device’s core and creates a network between your device and the device used by hackers, so they can see everything you do online.

But, if you receive prior notification of such websites, you probably won’t click on it as we were taught from childhood to keep distances from dangerous things. Firewall protection is like a sentry guard that allows or blocks network traffic unless you give them a green signal to enter your system.

Gain a competitive edge in network security with Norton Firewall Protection

When it comes to acquiring best firewall protection available in the market, you’re recommended to go through the list of Norton Products. Norton Firewall Protection is a one-way solution to help monitor and detect anything online that is not in the best interest of your digital privacy. It also alerts you of such common security issues as:

  • Improper attempts of establishing connection via other devices and attempts by programs to establish connection your device and other devices
  • Port scans by unauthorized devices
  • Interruptions while monitoring, detecting or preventing malicious traffic and infected links, or other attempts of attacking your device by unknown users.

Norton Firewall Protection blocks unauthorized access into your device to keep it safe from prying eyes of hackers while letting genuine websites to pass through the security layers. Make sure to keep your firewall in Turn-on mode, otherwise, it will compromise your digital security.             

Recommended setting option for Norton Firewall configuration

  • Firewall – Setting that implements default Firewall policies to allow or block network traffic
  • Firewall Level – that helps a user to monitor and control the incoming online traffic and outgoing online traffic between networks.
  1. You should know that in Windows, a Public network is similar to a coffee shop everyone can visit and connect to other networks.
  2. On the other hand, a private network is any connection within a specified network wherein restrictions against unauthorized access is common to ensure a virus-free network.
  3. Operating System isn’t prone to identify the difference between private and public network. In case of public networks, you’re recommended to use VPN connection.

You can set the settings level to the following states:

  1. More permissive
  2. Secure
  3. More Secure
  4. Only outbound and trusted app
  • Fire and Printer Sharing: Enables you to safely share files and folders with other devices in the networks
  • Remote Desktop Connection: Enables you to connect to a remote desktop over a network connection
  • Upload Firewall event: Any blocked firewall event is uploaded from the device to your account
  • Firewall Rules: Enables you to configure Firewall rules for your organization

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