How To Troubleshoot Norton Core Router Setup Problem?

Norton Core is a secure router to provide full-strength and super fast Wi-Fi with dependable coverage. Besides, it plays a major role in protecting your home network and smart devices from cyber attacks. It is build to provide amazing speed and coverage so that you can stream your favorite movies, play online games or download any content simultaneously from anywhere.

With Norton Core, you can manage your home network right from your connected smartphone with the Norton Core mobile app. You can also enable guest access, allow or deny your devices to join your network, adjust kid’s screen time, and manage Wi-Fi settings at home or while on the go.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Norton Core is designed to automatically update its knowledge of known viruses and other threats along with providing protection for an unlimited number of connected computers, Smartphone, and tablets. It also discovers your connected devices and identifies vulnerabilities so that you can secure them.

Sometimes you cannot complete the Norton Core router setup because of connectivity issues and more. Hence, you need to troubleshoot this problem by following a simple yet effective procedure.

Troubleshooting steps to complete the Norton Core setup

Check the light indicator-

While checking, if you find that the light is off, check the power connection. You can also try connecting the power cord to another power socket. If the problem persists, you can contact Norton support.

Check your network connection-

Make sure that the modem is connected properly.

  1. If you have a modem-router combo, set it up in bridge mode to assure that your network is fully protected
  2. After setting up the modem-router combo in bridge mode make sure that only its ‘Power’ and ‘DSL’ lights are lit
  3. Connect your computer directly to the LAN port of your gateway device
  4. Factory reset Norton Core
  5. Find the rest button underneath your Norton Core router
  6. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and then release it
  7. The router light blinks rapidly which indicates the reset
  8. Wait for the color of the light to change to solid white
  9. Go through the initial setup again to set up your secure network
  10. Check if your devices can connect and access the internet

Norton Core only supports the advanced wireless encryption standard, which is known as WPA2-PSK (AES). Older scanners, printers, gaming devices, or laptops and desktops may have trouble connecting to Norton Core in case they use less sophisticated encryption.

If you have trouble connecting older devices or wireless adapters to Norton Core, make sure that you install the latest firmware or device drivers on your devices. For more information regarding the troubleshooting process or Norton and its products, contact Norton customer support.

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