Xbox-Style controllers for mobile gaming to be launched by Microsoft

Games like Tetris and Snake have become the things of the past now. With mobile gaming getting into the mainstream, engaging games have been made accessible even on the smallest screens. It is no surprise that the gaming industry is becoming a little more focused on small-screen games, and futuristic games are in the pipeline.

As the demand for games are increasing, we are seeing different experiments and upgradation being made with touch-based mobile gamings. For example, Microsoft is aiming to bring Xbox-style controllers to phones and tablets.

Windows Central has outlined that Microsoft designs very similar to Xbox-style controllers. The company is probably naming their vision as Project XCloud. According to the Windows Central research paper, there are many types of games which are less suitable for mobile devices. However, the problem of their limitations can be overcome through physical controls (the success of Nintendo Switch is a testament to the value of mobile gaming with physical records). 

The Patented design of the controllers

As per the current patented design, seen in the research paper, the controllers would be ergonomic, i.e. they would contain three sizes of slide-in grips which would make the mobile controllers feel more comfortable when used with a smaller device like a smartphone.

The users would get the choices to select the size which would suit them the best. These controllers would be attached to the charging dock for traditional use. When removed from the charging docks, the two halves of the controller could be separated and attached to a smartphone or tablet.


It would be interesting to see how Microsoft would bring this Project XCloud into the mainstream. On becoming true, the project would contribute a lot to make the gaming experiences for all the gaming freaks better than ever!

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